Music with R K Hannan: Season 1 Episode 1 (Artist: Sajon Mondal)

Today I have a wonderful evening with some young and energetic group from Mirpur 11 or Mirpur 11 (1/2). Couple of days ago my fellow collage Mr. Nayon and Ornob told me about this place.

It was splendid place. After entering the place I have amazed by the scene. For the record I will not revile place name for quite somedays. I will reveal after few days later.

I had some experience in this place. After so many years I felt like I’ve back to my childhood.

Giant and  big big tress were around us and we are top of a helipad, underneath water hyacinth lake . Of course it was after dusk so darkness was here but some alien city light also did disturbed us. And fog surround us like some mysterious wizard.

Sajon Mondal was the singer. Played multiple song for us. Expressed his thoughts. It was awesome!! Listen all of it from bellow. Let me know your thought in comment section. Cheers !!


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  1. Marsheat

    December 22, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    vai valo laglo….

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